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About Sasha Brodsky

Sasha Brodsky has been practicing law since December 1998.

He consults with clients primarily in the areas of Business, Real Estate, Contracts, and Litigation.

He also practices in a range of other areas, including but not limited to Entertainment, Copyright, and Trademark.

For a more complete description of Sasha Brodsky’s other areas of practice, click here.

Sasha communicates with his clients regularly, appreciates their feedback, and endeavors to achieve cost-effective goals with and for his clients.

He feels most accomplished when his clients are happy with the results he produces.

The hallmarks of his practice are:

  1. Listening carefully to his clients.
  2. Identifying reasonable goals with his clients early and timely.
  3. Keeping his clients up-to-date on the progress of a case. and
  4. Taking an aggressive yet cost-effective approach to a given matter.
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